Sweet Sunday

I forgot to write last night, so I’ll try and recall it now : I worked for about 5 hours yesterday – for the most part it was good productive work and I felt good about it; then Susie came online and I screwed around a bit. Nontheless, I left work right after 5, which I planned on doing. Got some yummy Tup Tim Thai and ate that along with a beer. Laundry! Then I did 5 loads of laundry, stretched out over about a 2.5 hour period. I watched the first third of Scarface on David’s computer while this was occuring, and recompiled my kernel. 2.6 has some strange quirks, it seems a little less responsive for me. Then I watched the international version of The Professional, entitle Leon – it definitely had more of a lolita flair but it gave more meaning to the story. I am still not satisified with my computer setup, I want it to be a nice hobby area where I can just hack and play. I might be on the right track because I’ve decided that there is no point in trying to have a dual-pu! rpose desk, I cannot study there with the computer, it is too distracting. I’m thinking I should either study at the kitchen table or start going to the library. I want to learn to study. Well.