Nick Kirsch

no go

The job I was quite interested in Japan was looking for a candidate to start in mid August. Unfortunately they had selected two other candidates that apparently met their needs. Here is to hoping the next opportunity is even better.

on pins and needles

Well, the saga continues. I was recently contacted by a small Western firm in Japan looking to hire an additional employee. Not only are the looking for a long-term, full-time candidate, but they are looking for a Linux specialist. The fact that they are a Western company that caters to the Western market within Japan is an ideal opportunity for me. I recently returned the gentleman’s email, and now I play the waiting game…

Jet Lag

Well, I thought I wasn’t victim to jet lag. However, last night I went to bed at 11, woke up at 4, went back to sleep at 7, and woke up at 3. Maybe I’m a little tired. ;P The only real joy of being back in Tacoma is to see Bailey and Tae. Right now Bailey is outside starting shit with the new neighborhood cat, and Tae is up in Seattle with our old buddy Dave Kim.


My princess Eriko is the most wonderful woman in the whole wide world. I had a great time. A spectacular time. An amazing time. I cannot quantify it. Only that it was too short. Far too short.


things have been so hectic, i haven’t had much time. ;P i spent last night up in Seattle, visiting my good friend Susie. i went with her and her cousin for some drinks. i got a little drunk. it has been a while. =) now my bag is packed, my clothes are laid out for tomorrow, i took my bath, and i will sleep. tomorrow i fly to Japan!


So Tae (my roommate) and I pull into Brooklands British and spot the MG. “Your car is phat,” he says. “I don’t know why you want to sell it.” Hmmm. My total bill was $226, and that was simply to get it movable after 9 months of sitting in a tree. My “passport to service,” a document telling me what was wrong with my vehicle is full of circles and slashes.