Nick Kirsch


My poor diary – lying dormant. Some sad news here at the Kirsch home – Bailey has lost substantial territory. In fact, she is pretty much a house cat now! Quite shocking. That darn neighbor cat! I can’t help but give it a scowl everytime I see it. I had to get a litter box for my poor girl. Poor dad, I got spoiled not having to scoop up the poop.

Unruly Neighbor!

I was relaxing in my computer chair with Bailey sleeping on my bed - when suddenly we heard a loud thunk. The neighborhood cat had banged its head on my bedroom window. Typically the window remains open but Tae reported that Bailey was being bullied. Now we see the full extent of the harrassment - right into her bedroom! I, of course, promptly went outside and gently scolded our neighbor. We’ll see if it makes a difference.


Well, I depart for Tacoma tonight. My wonderful friend Alex is kind (or crazy) enough to pick me up at 6 AM. What a loon! ;P I have had a wonderful visit with my family; I was even able to see my old friends Susie and Dave. But I do miss Tae and Bailey. =)

no job

Well, I was showing Zack yesterday that I have submitted my resume to 50 different job positions. Maybe one day… ;P My pop and I were babbling, and we came across the idea of me applying to FedEx. So I did. We’ll see if that goes anywhere. Zack leaves for Purdue tonight. Good luck on that 4.0, buddy.


Almost 1 mile of height, 11 miles of distance. I don’t think my knees have ever known quite so much pain. ;P I will sleep well tonight.


Even with an easy electronic diary system, I still cannot remember to send in updates. I am enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery of Anchorage, AK. Today I will go on a grueling hike up a mountain. Apparently we Alaskans are so intimidated by these gorgeous companions that we feel the need to scale them. ;P