10 years ago...

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, I’m able to retrieve goals I had set out for myself a decade ago. It’s heartening to see how much progress I have made!

(Re-displayed here for convenience, with annotations.)

  • Spend more time with Eriko and Jerry
  • UW Professional Master's Program
  • Get back into mathematics
  • Kernel development
  • JLPT Level 3
  • Swimming - lap swim twice a week
  • Buy a house
  • Get in shape - lose the waist
  • Fix/sell the MG
  • Read more

There are only two items left on this list that I have put little to no effort into: mathematics and Japanese. It’s interesting to note that while I’ve thought of both of them as requiring a dedicated effort to achieve, had I put in a little time each day/week/month, I would be much closer. Instead, I’m likely worse at both...