2007 - the year behind

2007 ended wonderfully, with ~10 days of candy, crying, and spending quality time with the family. 2007 was an interesting year.

It started with:

  • Jerry learning to crawl
  • Isilon stock @ 27
  • Vying for a director’s position at work
  • A list of goals

It ended with:

  • Jerry learning to talk
  • Isilon stock @ 5
  • Sole director of development
  • Having accomplished none of those goals

2007 was a lot of adjusting - adjusting to Jerry’s ever growing demands of my heart and attention; adjusting to the thought of not retiring in the next ten years; adjusting to the reality that between Isilon and Jerry, I can’t seem to get anything else done.

That being said, I am slowly understanding the value of incremental and consistent effort. This is a major challenge for me, as I typically dream big and fail. There were so many books which I started to read and didn’t finish because I didn’t put in a consistent few pages a night. My waistline didn’t shrink because I couldn’t peel away an hour a week (out of 112!) I didn’t even bother applying for JLPT level 3 because I didn’t learn a Kanji a day - not even a Kanji a week (or month - or year!)

What about 2008? I have less than eight months before I turn 30…