2008 - the year ahead

How can I get ahead? I have so many dreams and goals - I’m unwilling to abandon them, but unable to pursue them. Recently (since returning from vacation), Jerry has begun going to sleep by about 8 PM. This is pretty amazing as it gives Eriko and me time to work on our hobbies, relax, etc. We both know how to entertain ourselves - we’ll spend an entire evening in silence, completely enthralled with what we’re doing. Her presence brings out that inner peace in me.

OK - so now I’ve got, potentially, two hours - every night - what am I going to do with it? Out of my list of goals, I want to:

  • Kernel development - fix some bugs at work?
  • JLPT Level 3 - be willing to attempt the exam
  • Get in shape - lose the waist (or at least make some progress)
  • Read more - a book a month?

Can I find the ability to start all of these? How? Even as I write this entry I can feel the mixture between frustration, excitement, fear, and hope - I don’t have an answer for how I take these baby steps.