I woke up at 6 today, despite going to bed close to midnight. I was tired, but I had to get some work done early – Isilon is going to be at Supercomputing 2005 and it is a big deal, and I had promised to do a few tweaks before the show. I got out of bed, ate breakfast, read some email, and was ready to move out (in fact, I was already putting on my shoes) when I couldn’t find my wallet. I came back into the house, looked in various places, and as a last ditch effort, went outside to check the Jetta. At first, I found nothing, and thought that all was lost – without the wallet, I didn’t have my keycard, so I couldn’t get to work. Then, wedged between the driver seat and the center console, was my wallet. Whew! I went into work and began wrestling with my changes. I made solid progress and was only interrupted by a trip to Larry’s with Jane (for donuts) and our usual team meeting. I came home for lunch and Eriko popped out of bed when I arrived and brought out the meal she had fixed. It was yummy. We concluded the lunch hour by watching some TV and chatting. Back at work, I rushed to complete the tasks I had before 3 o’clock – which was the time for an engineering meeting. With only seconds to spare, I think I made it. (Verification will come later). After the meeting (where Zack won a ticket to see Sheryl Crow) there was a planned party at Jillians. Zack, Kaya, and I went up and picked up Eriko who I had called in advance. We found a convenient parking space and for the next several hours, we ate, we drank, and we played lots of ping pong. The Kirsch Brothers had many victories and only a few defeats. It was fun. Eriko looked a little bored at times, but in general she seemed to enjoy herself. She and I played ping pong quite a bit and Zack played with her a bit too. We returned to the house, said bye to Zack, and relaxed on the couch for an hour or so.