I woke up at 7:30, missing my opportunity for a lecture. I washed the dishes, which were left in the sink from the night before. Eriko was woken up by this and we enjoyed a rare morning together. We ate some boxed donuts (which were pretty nasty). I got into work a little after 8 (since I decided to soak up the quality time with Eriko). I was relatively productive as the only meeting that was scheduled got cancelled. Eriko was in a good mood for lunch. The afternoon was also productive, minus the (now) routine coffee break with Zack. It sure is nice to live so close. Dinner was a little late as Eriko was talking to her mom when I arrived home. We were both tired after dinner (why me?) and spent some time lazing around and watched TV. I did dishes whil eEriko showered and then watched an episode of anime.