I slept in late, again. My ingenious plan to wake up early and watch lectures isn’t working so smoothly… I left for work soon after and had a productive morning. During lunch, Eriko was very quiet until I was about to leave. The afternoon was productive with the exception of an afternoon coffee break with Zack. I’ve started drinking decaf. I like the taste, but don’t need the caffeine. I walk and talk with Scott on the way home. Eriko had already eaten when I arrived and was talking to her mom on the phone (skype) but dinner was prepared (which was nice). After the phone call, Eriko proposed another name, ‘momoko’. I don’t know about that one either, but it is nice to know that she is not set on a particular name. We don’t even know the sex yet. Eriko had a headache, so I massaged various body parts (hand, neck, and head). We went to Safeway to buy a few things. I continued watching the baseball game (on mute) and cut some apples for Eriko. Then shower/bedtime.