I woke up early this morning (about 6:20). I set the alarm aggressively; my strategy was that if Eriko was going to continue to go to bed real early and not wake up in the morning than I might as well get up earlier so that I could go to sleep earlier (and maybe leave work earlier too). To my surprise, after about 30 minutes, Eriko left the bed too. We made a banana smoothie for breakfast and then Eriko went back to work. Since I was at work so early, I arrived at the same time as my boss’ boss (VP of Engineering) and he invited me to join him for coffee, which I did. That was interesting. Two of my other co-workers happened to be in pretty early as well. I remember working diligently in the morning. I decided to invite Zack to join Eriko & I for lunch, and with her permission, he did. That was nice and I think everyone enjoyed it. Eriko cooked and Zack was probably a bit surprised. ;P Back at work, we had a meeting at 1. I was then scheduled for another meeting but after about 30 minutes I couldn’t stand it and left. It was a training seminar and the material was not at all interesting. That gave me another hour of work befor I had my Japanese lesson with Hideki at Starbucks. Now we are on Chapter 10 (last in this book) which is about the Environment & Society. I went back to work for less than an hour, and then headed home. Eriko had prepared curry (which I love) and had a tale as well – she had gone to Uwajimaya and discovered that (due to some downtown construction) the bus route was dramatically different. She got a little lost and had to reverse her direction and walk a bit, but found Uwajimaya. A nice discovery (on her part) was that since she was so busy (she had left at 5 PM and only had an hour before I came home) she didn’t have time to feel sick. I encouraged her and let her know that Melissa had said the same thing. We enjoyed some levity on the couch before heading to Safeway for juice and ice cream. Soon afterwards, we showered and hit the sack.