I woke up a little late since the alarm didn’t go off. Eriko stayed in bed. I wasn’t real hungry (my stomach still had food from the previous day of eating) so I just ate a piece of toast with honey. I went into work and had lots of stuff to do. The day was relatively light, with only a single meeting in the morning. I went home for lunch and Eriko had prepared a meal; afterwards she walked me to the park before I headed down the hill. I don’t remember much of the afternoon. Eriko prepared dinner and we ate when I returned home. It turns out that the reason the alarm didn’t go off was because it had reset itself to Japanese time. It is a clock which is designed to self-synchronize to the Japanese clock radio signal, but up to this point it hadn’t worked. Eriko was very lethargic and took a nap; I studied Japanese and used the computer. Soon, Eriko went to bed. I kept using the computer and after about an hour, Eriko was out of bed. That was my sign to finish and I took a shower and hit the sack.