Eriko and I woke up about 5 AM (perhaps we went to bed too early?) but didn’t get out of bed until about 7. I was still frustrated about her mom’s proposal and we discussed it briefly. I came home for lunch and Eriko had prepared some noodles. I asked her if she was lonely and she said yes, during the day. Work was busy and it was difficult to switch to Japanese class, but I did. The lesson was good and Hideki invited us to his friend’s house-warming party on Friday. When I arrived home, Eriko was watching a recording of a play with her friends and it was very clear to me that she was missing them. Of course, I couldn’t do much about that (but I felt guilty anyway). We ate dinner and then went to blockbuster. I finished my wedding announcements while Eriko showered. I was about to shower when Rob (my new boss) called. Eriko grew tired of waiting and so she went off to bed; I soon followed suit.