As it turns out, I didn’t sleep all that well again! I kept waking up due to strange thoughts in my head. I was thinking about work and lots of other random ‘problems’. I was delirious again – but why? The cold, perhaps? Each time I would wake up I could feel how tired my body was (as one would expect, with the doping and all) yet my mind was quite lucid, at least for a few moments. Everytime I would wonder – why am I awake? What is causing this? Of course, I had no explanation. Eventually I couldn’t force myself to try and sleep anymore and I started cuddling with Eriko and woke her up. Eventually we got out of bed, but I am amazed at how early I woke up. She made breakfast while I blew my nose and drank some coffee. After breakfast, I spent some time drilling holes and adjusting shelves in the bedroom so that we can buy some more baskets. We decided to do some shopping – first we went to Costco, where we bought nuts and a water filter; next, Uwajimaya – we bought some bowls for rice and miso along with green beans. We were hungry and Eriko didn’t want to cook, so we decided to go to Kidd Valley for a burger, shake and fries. We should have split our meal, because we were both stuffed. We had an hour break before our next adventure; Eriko made salad while I dinked around. We drove north to Target, where we bought some baskets and a lint roller. Then we made a short jaunt south to Jane’s (my co-worker) house, where we had been invited for a BBQ. We brought along Eriko’s salad, some beer, and some beat but to our surprise there was food for 60 (and Jane had only invited 30!) The food and weather were nice but we didn’t know very many people and only stayed for about 2.5 hours. At home, Eriko continued to organize and I relaxed. I mis-timed how long it would take Eriko to organize the bedroom and so I took NyQil too early and struggled to stay awake.