This morning we woke up on time. Why? Because Eriko set an alarm of her own. At 6:30 it went off in the living room and she hopped up make breakfast. On the way to work we moved our recently-purchased flowers outside. Currently we have 6 flowers (in small pots) inside a larger rectangular window sill pot. However, because our unit is subterranean, the flowers don’t seem to be getting enough light and are already suffering. At work, I had a reasonably clear schedule, which was great. I have some development I’ve been trying to accomplish for a while but things keep getting in the way. I had a great time on Friday doing the work; I actually thought about things before implementing them. So smooth. Eriko met me & the gang for the regular Friday Shiki train. I wasn’t in the mood for the bento so I just had my old regular. Back at work, I had about an hour to kill before a meeting. That meeting went pretty well although it lasted for 1.5 hours and we talked about some technical topics which I didn’t fully understand so I had to concentrate to stay awake. To close out my week, I made some more good progress on my program. I walked to Bartell’s on the way home to pick up some cold medicine and sleeping aids. I have apparently caught a head-cold and I think lack of sleep (and co-worker exposure) is to blame. Eriko and I ate dinner, brought our flowers back into the house, watched Seinfeld, ate some ice cream, relaxed a little (me on computer, her with a book) and then it was time for showers. While Eriko showered I split my time between trying to translate a Japanese short story she handed me (describing it as quite interesting) and researching mutual funds for foreign market indices. I’m beginning to contemplate whether I should met with a financial advisor. I simply have too many balls I’m juggling at the moment and I fear that one will get dropped. After our showers, we went to bed. I doped myself up with NyQil and a sleeping pill before hitting the sack.