I slept poorly and forgot to set the alarm, so we overslept today. Eriko quickly brought out the cereal, as there was no time for a cooked meal. It was yummy anyway. Off to work we went. I was a little worried because Eriko’s packages from Nagoya (via barge) were arriving today and I didn’t want to miss (or be unavailable for) the call. Luckily, the called at 9:30 (they had previously said between 9-10) and I buzzed them into the front door (remotely). I sent Eriko a text message indicating they were here, but as it turns out they knocked on the door before the message arrived. At 10 I had a leadership training class, which I enjoyed. I thought some good (and sometimes controversial) discussions occurred. This month’s topic is ‘commitment’ which I think is great because I’m poor at commitment. Not for big things, when the perceived consequences are obvious, but little things like studying or reading. I often make so many little goals for myself but tend not to keep them. Hopefully I can change that tune. Of course, the class is merely a hinting tool; it encourages you to do self-analysis and has general suggestions for help – but for matters of a personal nature, I’m not sure what else can be done. I came home for lunch and Eriko’s boxes were there; she had already unpacked about 7 (out of 14). She wanted to get everything cleared out quickly. Back at work, I had some more meetings to attend, some documents to read, some development to do, and a team meeting to lead. It all happened smoothly and before I knew it, I was back at home. Eriko had dinner waiting and afterwards we lounged a bit (and watched Seinfeld) before heading to Kinko’s to pick up our postcards. The postcards turned out good (albiet, the material is a little cheap, but so are we). Eriko made a goal for herself of 10 a day and began writing as soon as she returned home. I spent about an hour writing the first paragraph of my trip description (in Japanese). Then it was time for Seinfeld & bed.