I have known her for five years. It was love at first sight and so I brought her a hostile home (two allergic roommates). After a year and a half apart, we were finally reunited. She let me know immediately that she was mine – the first time I was absent (for three days) she bared her throat to me (upon my return). It took her a long time to trust me on a day to day basis, and she would often correct me with both teeth and claws. As our time together went on, she began to trust me more and more: remaining in the same room as I made loud noises, sleeping with her head on my arm, and allowing me to hold her for longer and longer durations. I knew she loved me for me, not just for my food; I would leave the window open and the food bowl full and she would still come around just to see me. She would follow me from room to room when I was home, always wanting to curl up in my vicinity. She helped me through a lot of really tough times: overcoming my substance abuse, finding myself, moving to a new city, and many, many lonely, solitary nights. Now, we must part. Whether our separation is permanent or just prolonged, she will again be a different cat when I see her next. I hope that she remembers my love and I remember hers.