In Seattle

We arrived in Seattle about 2 PM and quickly discovered that the airlines had misplaced Eriko’s luggage. This was a bit of a downer and after the shuttle ride and a little house tour, we headed off to Fred Meyer to buy some clothes, supplies, and food. Eriko made dinner, which was pretty exciting for me. It was quite different from my normal tastes, but good. The shock of being together, without romance to fill the silence, made for a long night. Bailey came into the house (I opened the window because I was hot) and Eriko was quite unhappy. We survived, though. In the morning, things were very cool until Melissa & company arrived and we could focus on someone else (Matthew) besides each other. Eriko’s luggage arrived, Aaron agreed to take Bailey (although the transfer has yet to take place), and we all spent a relaxing day around the house. Trader Joe stuff for lunch, Red Robin for dinner. The evening was long again, but shorter than the previous. We both had trouble sleeping and didn’t get out of bed until late. Eriko had a list of items to be retrieved – towels, bath mat, cleaning supplies, conditioner, and more. We went to the bank and then to Target; we were able to procure almost everything on her list. A short visit to home so I could eat (more Trader Joe stuff) and then we were off to the Japanese bookstore so Eriko could pick up a romance novel she had seen advertised in the Seattle monthly Japanese magazine. Back home, Eriko made dinner while I entered receipts into the computer. Then we took the bus downtown so Eriko could find a keychain wallet. After about 30 minutes at Macy’s, we had to call off the search so we could watch the annual Seafair parade. We found a decent spot and Eriko really enjoyed the bands and other musical floats. After about a 100 vehicles, we were tired and ready for home. A short wait for the bus, a short ride, and we were back in a warm (but not too warm) condo. I was hungry again (TJ’s) and then we read our respective books and I played on the computer. Sleep was difficult for Eriko, but much more so for me. I never really seemed to fall asleep, just drifted from minute to minute until it was time to wake up. Eriko made breakfast and then checked her email/wrote in her diary while I watched ‘Meet the Press’. Now she cleans the house. Soon, we will go looking for a new bed (or mattress, at least) as the current one is no good for two people. I’d also like to purchase a laptop, but I haven’t decided whether to go Apple or Linux. If Bailey is around this evening, then I’m hoping Aaron and I can get together. Bailey has actually adjusted very quickly to not being allowed inside the house, although she is less comfortable with me – I have been bit and scratched more in the last two days than I was in the previous six months. Eriko is biting less, though.