with Eriko

Eriko attended another tea ceremony class and I switched to my next book. This book is much slower reading, so I wound up taking a nap in the living room. Eriko and I spent time thinking about activities for our reception, and trying to narrow down what the cost of the wedding will be. in the evening the family all went out to yakiniku, which was a lot of fun. it was the first time that Shogo was there so we had six in attendance. i really like yakiniku – a lot of different types of do-it-yourself grilled meat. just my type.

this was a pretty slow day. i remember taking a few naps (Eriko counted two) and i looked at all four of Eriko’s picture albums. then we (and Aine) went to play practice. the room was much smaller and there were more familiar faces this time, so i didn’t read my book much or nap at all. afterwards, most of the group went to yakitori for a party. it was fun, but a little tiring.

we woke up late, as we were out until almost 2. soon after breakfast (i ate more than Eriko) we rode our bikes for lunch at Mos Burger. then we headed to the Nagoya Dome (indoor baseball stadium) in search of a cap of Ichiro’s old Japanese team. we got real lucky and found it. we rode a few blocks down the street to the local community center and a had a fun time swimming for an hour. back on the bikes, we headed in search of something sweet. she took me to a neat shaved ice restaraunt which used fresh fruit. i had grape and she had kiwi. both were yummy. after breakfast i answered questions about my new condo and such for Eriko and her parents.

after breakfast and goodbyes, Eriko saw me off at Nagoya airport. our farewells are much more smooth as we both know we’ll be together again soon. and soon it will be permanent. i fell asleep on my short flight from Nagoya to Tokyo and am now using a free internet service (and a java ssh client) provided by Yahoo Japan as i wait for my long flight to Vancouver.