with Eriko

arrived at the airport and spent the evening with Eriko and her family. any questions i had about how to bring up our marriage were answered immediately. as soon as i walked into the kitchen, her mom read to me a few sentences she had translated.

it was Eriko’s birthday and she had a surprisingly high number of things scheduled. i watched her attend a Kimono-wearing class, went to the bank, post-office, and then a tea ceremony class. in the evening the family went out to a familiar Vietnamese restraunt to celebrate Eriko. a little late evening drama.

let the wedding planning begin. Eriko and I spent several hours trying on kimonos and western outfits. she selected two kimonos and a dress; i selected a kimono and a tux. it was fun and i have begun to feel excited and nervous. in the evening we went to Eriko’s play practice. the cast members were very welcoming to me and i had fun. i did take a few cat naps during repetitive scene rehearsal. the cast members will throw a party for me on Friday.

we travelled to Atsuta Shrine, which is where we will be married. it is amazing, beautiful, and foreign to me. we walked around the grounds of the shrine and also through the indoor ceremony room. it should be familiar to Eriko’s family but mine will be quite surprised. we then proceeded to tire ourselves by doing some gift shopping. in the evening Ken’s family came to visit and i played Legos with Kenta. Sakura was ill so the visit was a little hectic but i had fun. Eriko’s mom made onimiyaki which i really like and showed me how to do it as well.