ups and downs

i wanted to make a point of writing about the negative aspects of my day. i’ll start with sleeping – i moved from the couch to the floor and it seems to be much colder there. regardless of whether i leave the window open or not (for instance, Bailey is outside now and the window is open). i’ve been wearing long johns to keep warm but they aren’t that comfortable. this morning besides being a little cold i also had a bit of a tummy ache. my alarm went off at 6 am but i didn’t get out of bed until close to 8 – that is really lame. i am annoyed by my lack of discipline. i was a little dissapointed that my weight this morning didn’t drop at all past what it was the morning before and that my exercise was lighter than i wanted due to my tummy ache. i got into work a little past 8:30 (which is late for me) and ended up being a tad late for a meeting (which kaya was supposed to attend). the meeting was a phone call with some guy in michigan and everyone had everything taken care of. i probably didn’t need to go at all, but it wasn’t so bad. i got a couple new bugs assigned against me. it seems like everytime i make a little prog! ress i get assigned another trivial bug. they are trivial in their nature but can often be a pain to reproduce and figure out how to fix. ok, i can’t bitch anymore. i’ve got other things to bitch about but i want to watch seinfeld and go to bed. ;P