Resolutions Resurrected

Talking to Susie reminded me of my new year's resolutions (made in January,
forgotten until now). They are:

1. Get into the UW professional master's program
2. Learn Calculus, not just how to do Calculus
3. Learn the innards of the BSD & Linux kernels
4. nihongo wo benkyou
5. Learn to swim not just flail wildly until calling for help
6. Excel at my job so that they have to promote me
7. Increase my vocabulary -- Neologism here we come
8. Be fiscally responsible and stay on a budget
9. Eat healthy, cook and try new dishes
10. Get in shape, which will please Eriko and surprise her mother.

And my status is...

1. No, but I'm studying for the GRE.
2. Nope.
3. I'm running FreeBSD at home now, but no.
4. Studying yes, but not much progress.
5. Learning, but I'm still going to say no.
6. I did get a promotion.
7. Not enough to be proud.
8. Getting there.
9. Hmmm. The desire, but not the dedication.
10. Negative.

My grade would be 10%; with partial-credit: 30%.