I just took the GRE mathematical review and scored myself – a whopping 78%. That is pathetic. I suck. After reviewing my answers the majority were careless mistakes. Dissappointing but encouraging. I can improve ife, it will just take patience and practice. I meant to mention this last night, because I was very excited, but I’m still excited… I was cooking! Nothing spectacular, actually. I just made some mashed potatoes and I boiled some chicken which I then shredded and soaked in BBQ sauce. It was yummy. Tonight I will go over to Aaron’s house to learn how to make lasagna and watch the Italian Job (the new one). It should be fun. Apartment is getting closer… I still have a large piece of glass, a computer monitor box, and some large pieces of wood to take out of storage. I’m really not sure what I will do with them. I want to take the wood and use it to make a stand for the piece of glass so I can have a Kitchen table. Whether I actually get to that or not is another t! hing. The apartment maintenance couple, Jo and Stephan, came by and fixed my toilet which wasn’t flushing real well. Actually, I noticed a recurrence (out of 4 tries) of the same problem – so I might have to reopen this toilet bug. hehe. I’ve been exchanging some nice emails with Melissa – I found out her son will be named Matthew. Funny, because Eriko had wanted to name her son (if she has one) Matthew or Andrew. I guess if she marries me the former is out.