loving my new place

its still disorganized and messy and i’m still in a state of being alone shock but i can feel myself enjoying it more and more. Bailey woke me up before 5 AM again this morning, although she didn’t venture very far outside. this time i stayed up and made myself breakfast, took a shower, washed dishes. i arrived at work quite early, before 7. which is good because i’ve pumped out fixes for 3 bugs so far – leaving me with two assigned bugs remaining, both samba, which i am looking forward to. i don’t doubt that i will receive more alerts related bugs before too long but i’m happy to take an aggressive attitude towards keeping my plate clean. i’m not hearing much from Eriko and I find myself anxious after writing her, awaiting her reply. i don’t like that feeling and realize that i need to turn my demanding energy inside. actually, it is already inside, i need to direct it to productive use instead of having it remain pent up. i think i can do this, i have a very strong desire to do some computing projects and drill for the GRE.