absolutely amazing

about 4:45 this morning, I awoke to Bailey muttering to herself (and to me, imagine). finally assuming she wanted to go outside, i opened the door. i saw her go to the right and come back in a little later. i shut the door but she wasn’t satisfied and this probably repeated several times. so, i put on a shirt so as not to freeze completely and decided to show her the way. i would walk about 5 feet and whistle and she would come towards me, reluctantly. showing her the stairs was fun, she kept trying to squeeze her way into the little gaps. i can’t imagine the revelation she felt when she started to explore. she only explored for 10 or 15 minutes before i started whistling for her to come back (i was cold) and wanted to make sure she would get the experience of coming back to the apartment. she made a couple of wrong motions towards other people’s apartments but since i was moving behind her she didn’t stop until we got to the door. all and all it was an amazing moment.