A new place.

Well, I decided to accept Larry’s counter-offer of $575 and rent apartment #104. It means that I will have about a 44% increase in rent; slightly less than then the 100 % increase I will encounter on my utilities and Internet connection. The price of living alone. I could have searched for a random roommate; to be honest, David has been such a good roommate I think it would be very difficult indeed. I also could have found a cheaper place – although I was having trouble meeting all my needs: enough space to hold all my junk, cat-friendly, close to work, and cheap. The ease of moving and month-to-month rent really helped seal the deal. Now I’m anxious to do it, of course – when in reality I have to wait until at least October 1st. Poor Eriko was hit by a car while riding her bike Sunday night – she ran a red and banged her knees and elbow up. Thankfully, the only loss was that of her bike.. and maybe a little pride.