Slick `ole Sam Slade..

Mommy recommended The Maltese Falcon and I concur with her judgment! It was a very enjoyable movie. I borrowed it from Carol, Aaron’s girlfriend – and my only complaint is that there is a 30 minute documentary before the movie. I understand that nobody would watch it unless it if it were placed after.. but come on – put it after! ;P I didn’t do much today and it took me twelve hours to do it. I saw the movie ‘Lost in Translation’; It was entertaining but I would rank it as a rental. Finally bought some more Jockey shirts – after mom told me to throw out my old ones I was down to the 6 she gave me – I couldn’t go a week without doing laundry. Now I can go almost two. =) I await my landlord’s response to my $550 offer; he scoffed at my $500 offer. If he balks at $550 I will have to kick my apartment search into a higher gear and may have to trade space for proximity, or proximity for price. Fortunately or not, I have quite a few belongings – and some of them are kinda big. I am definitely looking forward to living in my own place. Something about being in charge of all aspects is exciting.