what a day!

I cleaned the house, washed the car, dealt with a broken server, went to an impromptu BBQ, and found out that my roommate is moving out. That last one just happened. ;P I had quite a few ideas of what to write in my diary before I was knocked into reality with the news. The funny thing is, I had the feeling that things were going to change. ;P I think its because I finally got my room into this really sweet layout and I had taken pride in the apartment and cleaned it. Ahhh! Life! Eriko sent me an email from the computer for the first time in a long time today. I was pleasantly surprised. Actually, she sent me two; I had replied to her first one. I touched on a sore spot when I mentioned Bailey; she hasn’t made her peace with my having Bailey yet. It doesn’t bother me, Bailey is low maintenance and tends to grow on people even when they least expect it. I’m living proof. =) I’d better write an email to my girl so I get to bed. Its late. Oh, I watched Two Towers tonight at Alex’s house. It wasn’t as bad as I expected but it was a little long. ;P