gone with the wind

just like the original version of this diary entry, which dissappeared when my keyboard went wacky. kernel version 2.6 does not operate with my keyboard very well. freebsd 5.1 doesn’t have the problem, nor does linux 2.4.. anyway. i really enjoyed the movie. i was amazed to realize at the end how much i was drawn into the movie – and there weren’t any killer robots! today has been a very relaxing day. i finished a couple of todos but i certainly didn’t exert myself. i’m quite pleased tomorrow is an extra day off; i’m not ready for the weekend to end. =) what were some downers today… the bleach really cleaned up the toilet well, except for the portion at the top of the bowl – i can’t cause the water level to rise, even if i pour some from the sink. very interesting but the toilet isn’t spotless yet. and i wasted a whole bottle of tilex, “no scrubbing required”, on the shower. its not clean. just proves that cleaning should be done proactively. i bought a bottle of the spray-after-shower stuff that mom uses, although not the same brand. won’t David be surprised when he comes home to a clean apartment. well, a cleaner apartment. ;P