bye-bye beautiful bailey

It happened like a flash. Today, David (Tae’s cousin) and I applied for an apartment in Queen Anne. Close to my work, close to his work, excellently priced, with a beautiful view of downtown Seattle. We were able to talk the gentleman into letting us have a cat, but David is allergic. He brushed this off as inconsequential, telling his mother that the allergy medicine worked wonders. However, our apartment will be on the 5th floor and Bailey would have to be confined to the indoors, which she hates. Additionally, I recieved an email from Eriko telling me that she couldn’t handle living with a cat every day. Any animal, actually. It was a difficult decision, although in all honesty I suppose the decision wasn’t that difficult at all. I feel guilty that I have partially domesticated Bailey, so tonight I took her food bowl away. I’m sure she will complain loudly, but my hope is that hunger will revive her talents for finding mice. I contacted a friend, hoping that they will be ! willing to share their backyard with her. Bailey has truely been a gift, keeping me company and protecting my sanity for the last three years.