I don’t know when the last time I wrote to you, dear diary. I hope you can forgive that my life has been busier than I expected, or perhaps just that I am absent-minded and I forget about talking to you. I am a very happy man. My job is going well – it keeps me very busy, and I find it quite challenging – exactly what I need. I will see my beloved Eriko in 18 short days. I hope my drill bit will arrive in time so I can finish her ring, but who knows if it will. Tae and I are doing well, as we plan to disengage in January. I am hoping to room with David, his cousin. Eriko has spoken to me about joining Au Pair, a nanny program. If it is what she wants, then I encourage her, by all means. It will give me more time to prepare for our life. If the opportunity presents itself, I will ask her father for her hand when I visit. She told me he would probably cock his head and tell me he needs to get to know me better. Which is fine, of course. I have no problems being explicit with! my intentions. I want Eriko. I want her for the rest of my life and beyond.