Nick Kirsch

2018 : Intention

Happy New Year! As James is oft to mention, it is intention which sets apart those who make their commitments and those who don’t. That seems more apropos than ever as a theme for this year, so INTENTION it is. (My pal Shawn also often talks of living an “intentioned life”.) Resolutions? Not really. Goals? Meh. Daily habits? Strangely, I resonate. So in rough chronological order, my daily “intention”: Motivational Quotes - every day

2017 - a retrospective

It’s been four years since I’ve done a yearly retrospective and I missed out! Outwardly, many things have changed, but even more so on the inside. 2013 was a year of tremendous personal inspiration, although I certainly didn’t realize what that could mean. This year, I can really feel some of those seeds have come to fruition. Way back in 2013, I discovered a young entrepreneur with views and expressions on the power of habit formation.

all things “work”

I have, of course, two loves in life: my work and everything else. 😇 Let’s talk about the former and catch things up to today. After one last year of awesome with this guy, I left Isilon (EMC) at the end of Q3′15, with no specific plans other than to grow. Over the next six months, I made some new friends, and learned a lot, while spending time at Madrona, UW, and Dato. I spent the next three months falling in (and out of) love with Turi, before my once-in-a-lifetime month down in Emeryville.

It's Friday. 😅

This has been an exciting week. I have a date for the demo.  I saw my friends Nate, Zack, Charlie, Shawn, Dan, and Neal. I worked towards my Purple Stripe. I had the luxury of having my teeth cleaned. I rode my motorcycle ... and Eriko rescued me. I spent time with Momo and Mr. McGregor. I ran, I swam, and I biked. I tweeted. I nailed down the visit and agenda.