Nick Kirsch

ureshii Erikono ureshii Nick

Eriko’s first gift is complete. A purple shirt with some Japanese writing on it. It’s not quite as professional as I would like, but well - I’m not a professional. :P I hope I am able to see her wearing it. X)

Ideal Job Sought

This is an official notice indicating that Nicholas Kirsch, computer guy, is looking for an ideal job hereby referred to as “job.” The job will work closely with open-source and/or Linux in highly challenging areas. In addition, the job will be close to Nicholas’s true love and provide a sufficient salary in order to care for her.

missing my one

to know longing as i do - when my eyes are dull, my lips are dry, my fingers are numb. i cannot hear the beating of my own heart. needing you, Eriko, i am.

lost that poetic feelin`

i used to be able to rhyme but i got worn down by time now my head is so full of crap my tongue just sits in my lap sometimes i think i’m sooo cool and life’s just the fool than i trip on my wit and land in some shit

18 more days!

I will be heading for Japan to see the love of my life!! When I am near you, Eriko, the earth could explode and I wouldn’t notice. X)