Nick Kirsch


So Tae (my roommate) and I pull into Brooklands British and spot the MG. “Your car is phat,” he says. “I don’t know why you want to sell it.” Hmmm. My total bill was $226, and that was simply to get it movable after 9 months of sitting in a tree. My “passport to service,” a document telling me what was wrong with my vehicle is full of circles and slashes.

tick tock tick tock

This is a summer for finishing chores. I got a phone call this morning (albeit, too early) notifying me that my beautiful (well, slightly scarred) 1967 MGB GT is ready to be picked up from the shop. Anybody interested in purchasing this fine British machine? She might be a little old and a little used - but she is not used up! ;P Less than 48 hours….

i am

the biggest bundle of nerves on the face of the planet. my bag is 80% packed, my gifts are prepared (i need to find some toy cars for Kenta, Kenno kodomo). i’m scared silly. ;P but i always say i work well under pressure. =)

bit monster 1 - nick 0

since i was working outside, the flying bit has dissappeared. my only memory is a tiny hole in my jeans. i don’t think i could reproduce that if i tried! boy was i lucky. ;P


Cutting Plexiglass is not as clear as it appears to be! After much toil, I have produced an adequate heart and diamond. Not good, but adequate.