Nick Kirsch


Cutting Plexiglass is not as clear as it appears to be! After much toil, I have produced an adequate heart and diamond. Not good, but adequate.

Strawberry Festival

Well, I had a good time on Vashon Island, but mainly because I was able to visit with two close buddies of mine - Tom and Tony. I honestly wasn’t all that impressed with the VI festival, but hey. I did skip out on the parties and street dance - but I was eager to get home so I could email my baby. ;P

Strawberry Festival

Well, I was planning on heading out to the Vashon Island Strawberry Festival tonight - but the unrelability of the Washington State ferry system circumvented that plan. Actually, I’m not at all displeased. I am quite the home-body.

lo and behold

i never knew lathing could be so much fun. i’ve made two rings, and i’m working on a third. i think the third will turn out to be the better of the lot. but i can’t say that until i actually produce it. ;P

Hot in Tacoma

It is just scorching outside. So I’m relaxing inside with a beer, some sunflower seeds, and the whirling sounds of a metal lathe. Go Mr. Bit, go. ;P