Looking for my voice

It took a long time just to start typing this … as I realized that I’m not sure what I want to talk about.

Why am I talking at all? Who are these words for?

One clear beneficiary is my future self. My older self. Will you find me naive or prescient? How many other things will you wish I had talked about?

My children. They certainly don’t look at this now, but perhaps someday they’ll have questions about me that this could answer?

My father journaled for 20? years; the electronic portion is here: http://monte.kirsch.org/blog.html - it’s appearance doesn’t do justice to the nearly a thousand digital entries (not to mention the many physical books.)

Not sure I can or would - nor have any desire to - compete with that level of journalistic investment.

But it sure is a wonderful time capsule for anyone (i.e. me) who loved him and might have had the fortune of spending time with him - although the truth is I rarely look at it.

Why did he journal?

Oh, that’s a question I wish I had asked him before he couldn’t answer, or that he had journaled about.