2023: Roaring Ambitions, Timid Expectations

Happy New Year!

Another trip around the sun. I had fun explaining to my niece this morning our system of time tracking tied to celestial bodies. It all started with: “I have a question. How many Christmases in a year?”

This was the first full year of triathlon training, and there were many ups and downs. I entered the year having completed my first 70.3 tri and nervous for my second (in March). I exited this year with full confidence in my ability to finish, but growing desire and curiosity in my ability to compete.

Not to compete with anyone but myself, but to seriously push myself further and further. Last year was more of a sinusoidal wave as I navigated a busy work schedule and fought through a few injuries - but there were many missed workouts due to lack of will too.

This isn’t just about me getting more exercise, or spending more of my free time pushing myself physically. It’s also cleaning up some poor eating and sleeping habits, committing to a real stretching, massage, and relaxation routine, and not dropping any other professional or personal balls.

I have a lot of ambitions for 2023…