🥰 Summer in Seattle

Independence Day often finds me in Seattle, alone. Eriko and the kids are in Japan and Zack and Katie are in Chicago. This year, however, my parents are close by, which I’m feeling very grateful for. 

That said, there is a large hill between them and me, and hence, I’m still afforded the luxury of my independence. ;)

I will also not be visiting Nagoya, and I haven’t missed a chance to see おばあちゃん and おじいちゃん since my sabbatical in 2013. 😭


baby atsu

It is amazing to see how quickly the company has grown. I started alone, at a small desk in my bedroom. Now there are eight talented and hungry professionals building an amazing company for eager and delighted customers. 

I’m even receiving a steady paycheck, with benes.  (Kids, take note!)

While atsu may be small in size, it is tall in spirit. We have a lot of significant challenges to overcome in the near-term, but with diligence, persistence, and helluva lotta luck, we will see atsu stand tall!

PS I’ve also got some free times, so I’ll be hanging out with all my buds! 😂