all things “work”

I have, of course, two loves in life: my work and everything else. 😇

Let’s talk about the former and catch things up to today.

After one last year of awesome with this guyI left Isilon (EMC) at the end of Q3′15, with no specific plans other than to grow. Over the next six months, I made some new friends, and learned a lot, while spending time at Madrona, UW, and Dato. I spent the next three months falling in (and out of) love with Turi, before my once-in-a-lifetime month down in Emeryville. 

In Q3′16, I started to explore machine learning while spending quality time with the folks at Igneous. This continued until roughly May of this year, when I decided to dedicate my efforts. I presume to have a long, winding road ahead of me, but I’m convinced it is the journey I seek, and not its destination. 😉