I just discovered a new app, Streaks. I’m strangely excited about it, primarily because it forces me to prioritize: what are the six most important habits to me? I want to write more describing my recent journey with habits, but I’ll save that for another time.

I’ve been doing a great job on many habits with the help of, but the simple truth is that the flexibility of the platform enables me to over-commit - and being over-committed impacts everything, not just the superfluous things.

For me in particular, I can feel a negative impact on self-worth and motivation - so weird!

The six I’ve chosen are:

  • core
  • cardio (running, swimming, biking)
  • reading (long-form essay or books),
  • journaling (which could be this blog)
  • people (I need to be reminded)
  • finish (easy to start, hard to …)

I have these habits in too, but some of them are hidden. Streaks is iPhone-only (which is slightly annoying, given I move between iOS and macOS devices fluidly) but it does work on my watch.

This entire post feels like a giant advertisement. ;)