Subject: Thanks!

It’s time - for me to find a new adventure. I do so knowing that this experience - spending time with you - will be a great source of pride, joy, and laughter for the rest of my life. Through Isilon, and later EMC, I experienced an amazing amount of professional learning, while spending my time with wonderful people; people I will enjoy spending time with for years to come. There were certainly challenging times and even on my most optimistic days I never imagined just how exciting the journey could be. I’m privileged and humbled.

This train isn’t stopping - in fact, it’s been picking up speed. The growth rate of Isilon continues to increase, year-over-year, and it has a tremendous world of opportunity in front of it. Not just because it’s biggest competitor has outdated gear, nor because the need for a large-scale, enterprise class file system has never been stronger - but because everywhere I look, I see the heart and soul of Isilon: a passion for serving customers through building great products. It’s the EMC edition - an enterprise-class group of women and men capable of beating back smaller, more nimble competitors and navigating the uncertain waters of commodity and cloud computing. Most importantly, I see everyone delivering their best with a certain Seattle-inspired style.

I wish you all the very best and I look forward to celebrating your success (from the bleachers.)

Words are insufficient, but thank you.