Think of Yourself

I was in Nagoya last week, on our last night, in the 8th floor of a commercial building at some kind of pasta restaraunt. Momo was scarving down pizza, Jerry was laying on my lap, and I was chatting with Eriko's mom about my career.

I told her I had four "things" I wanted to accomplish:

1) Be a father
2) Hold a leadership role
3) Start a company
4) "Retire" a professor

Through broken Japanese, broken English, and Eriko, I explained that my milestones were at different points in life - first learn from others, than do yourself, then teach others. But constant through all of these was my responsibility to be a father - and without intending to, I conveyed my concern that I could not balance these things.

She told me (via Eriko) something that has stuck with me - "think of yourself." As you consider your career, your next move, what you want in life - put your family aside for the moment. Don't let concern cloud your vision - think freely. Perhaps it wasn't so much that her mother said things to me, but that Eriko agreed and encouraged me.

What will I be, when I grow up?