The Remodel

It has started. After the acquisition of the company I’m working for, I’m now in a position to move faster on the remodel of our home rather than slower. We are excited.

We’re working with a build/design firm called Build, LLC who just continue to live up to their reputation as being principled, cost-conscious and having good aptitude for modern design. We’re not yet into the build phase, but if you spend some time on this site you should have complete confidence in their abilities: It is a complete step-by-step look at the building of a modern home and is fantastically done. Not only do I have a random web reference, but a close co-worker and the SVP of my department both used Build for their remodels.

Our house, and some of the accompanying design challenges it presents, was recently featured on Build’s Blog:

Don’t expect to see regular updates on here, but maybe I’ll get around to posting a picture of the design or progress…