I held Momoko for a few minutes after Eriko went to bed tonight and marveled at where life is. I can’t remember exactly what it felt like to hold Jerry, only that he’s always way out in front of me and I suspect that isn’t ever going to change. Realizing this, perhaps I can remember more of these early details - but I suspect that is wishful thinking.

As I look around our small home, I see seeds - an avocado tree which will eventually outgrow its 19" pot, a piano which is far too large for a home this size, a motorcycle balloon hanging from the ceiling, and a table that clearly needs a larger kitchen. Those might all say “you need a bigger house”, but only the first one did in my mind - the other images I see are Eriko’s music career, Jerry becoming a man, and our family growing.

At work, I’ve recently been promoted “back” to a Director - but in a completely different role, in Product Management (vs Engineering). I can’t help but feel wiser and more prepared now versus two years ago - but like this tiny home, my small team is littered with the seeds of the future. The company is littered with the seeds of the future - ideas, markets, and people.

In four years from now, where will be? Which seeds will grow - and in what direction?

PS Just finishing watching the first two seasons of Entourage - great series.