Feeling the Crunch

The first month of 2010 is past us. It was a good month, filled with activity and fun. As February begins I am beginning to fill a little overwhelmed. I have agreed to take on a LOT of items at work and as I look at my list I see 9 major deliverable this month alone.

When I say major, I mean that they are all goin to be either highly visible, strategic, or both. 

To top all that off, the baby is coming.

As a father, I don’t feel the impending arrival like Eriko seems to. She spends every moment with this mysterious creature, whereas I am only reminded when her belly knocks me over. With Jerry, I spent more time in shared anticipation - but when he was born it took me several months to feel close to him.

I suspect this child will be the opposite - not until I see the face will the full reality strike me, but knowing what an amazing thing it is to bond with a child I will want to start immediately. 

All of this tests my ability to get things done. I have done well with most of 2010 goals this far, although both Kanji practice and strength training have been neglected. I also noticed a worrying amount of procrastination the last two weeks as I’m faced with larger projects. The instant gratification of answering emails or making phone calls helps me feel accomplished, but time is running out. 

Diligence, indeed.