To Donate or To Sell - that is the question...

I have two vehicles that I no longer need. One I had hoped to keep until Jerry was old enough to work on it with me, but since it is now occupying our only indoor parking spot (the condo garage) it may be costing more in opportunity cost than its worth.

That would be the 1967 MGB GT (scroll to view).

The other is a 1994 Jetta III GL - originally purchased for the price of an alternator, this vehicle has done very well for us. We outgrew it and recently purchased a 1999 Nissan Quest mini-van. The Jetta has ~160,000 miles on it. I’ve put several ads on craigslist but haven’t received a bite yet.

I’m considering just donating both off them. Worst case, I can write-off $500 per car. Ideally, I receive more than that.