I have lost my way. While my current position is fun (at times) and is providing me with new experiences, I don’t feel as if I’m moving towards anything.

Why am I still at work?

Good salary. Convenient. Comfortable. Big investment. Lack of alternatives.

I work hard, long and most days I am excited to head into the office.

Honestly, I seem to be operating off of hope more than reality - most of what I do I tend to feel unsatisfied with.

A case of unrealistic expectations?

I’m torn between fearing that I’m letting another opportunity pass me by and abandoning the hope that work will “pay out”.

That’s the rub - would I still be here if I had sold all my shares at $ 10?

Dad always told me to find something you love and the rest will take care of itself - the lack of fulfillment at work is creeping - it has become much more about the result than the journey - and on that note, I am completely lost.