Google Reader

I’m going to throw in a plug for Google Reader. For the past several years I have been using rss2email, which is a wonderful tool but not perfect. I love the fact that I can get feeds in my email - to a point. I now am watching over 20 financial feeds (what can I say, I’m hooked) - which is cool, but overwhelming my email box. I can easily see 50+ emails a day - and I don’t have time to process them all.

The other downside is that rss2email does a poor job with HTML email and Dad’s Journal just doesn’t look as good as it should.

So today, instead of doing an hour of valuable work, I checked out Google Reader. I dig it. The interface is sweet, but the coolest feature of all is a Firefox bookmark which allows you to move to the next unread feed - and it displays the original feed in the web browser, full HTML etc. That will make reading Dad’s Journal a pleasure. Finally, it has great support for the iPod Touch which is, of course, yet another addiction.

I highly recommend you check it out - oh, and you can my public feeds (or entries) here.