how i spend my time these days...

Isilon and Jerry… I’ve been on several trips recently - to Atlanta, Austin, and soon Los Angeles. Jerry keeps me really busy, from the moment I get home until the moment I leave the next door. We’ve been having a ball.

He made two verbal slips that were pretty funny recently - we were talking about fruits and donuts and he accidentally said “banut” (banana donut). As soon as the word came out, we both started laughing. There was a look of surprise on his face. Today, the same thing happened - he wanted to watch Bee Movie and instead said “Boomie”. He’s has become a very effective communicator, very fast.

I had a communication success of my own yesterday - I gave a lecture at UW; Hank Levy gave me the honor of teaching about Isilon’s OneFS for his CSE 451 course. It was a pleasure and I think I did a bang-up job.