Ah... TARP... yet another sad move by a sad president.

I’ll just say “I told you so” in advance. Here’s another opinion.

That said, maybe I can move onto something else less controversial… like politics!

I’m slowing coming to accept that politics is really a popularity contest. Democracy (at least in the US) is an extension of playground rules - say whatever you want, make as many promises as you can, because when the popularity vote happens the winner will get his/her day in the sun. It doesn’t matter how far you stretch the truth, or how much you sell your soul to get those votes - the only potential accountability is that you won’t win the contest again.

But who cares - you won it once, and that’s more than almost everyone else. Plus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to punish the doubters and reward your fans.

Unfortunately, this is not a contest for who goes to the prom - this is a contest for who holds the keys to the United States’s 10,000 nuclear warheads. Weapons of Mass Destruction? How about checking the backyard.

Of course, my disgust in the sensibility of the American voter doesn’t have far to go. I only have to look at myself. Stay tuned as I put together my priority list for America.