A disgrace - take 15 minutes and tell Congress.

The Treasury plan also does not explicitly include an HOLC-style program to reduce across the board the debt burden of the distressed household sector; without such a component the debt overhang of the household sector will continue to depress consumption spending and will exacerbate the current economic recession. Thus, the Treasury plan is a disgrace: a bailout of reckless bankers, lenders and investors that provides little direct debt relief to borrowers and financially stressed households and that will come at a very high cost to the US taxpayer. And the plan does nothing to resolve the severe stress in money markets and interbank markets that are now close to a systemic meltdown. It is pathetic that Congress did not consult any of the many professional economists that have presented - many on the RGE Monitor Finance blog forum - alternative plans that were more fair and efficient and less costly ways to resolve this crisis. This is again a case of privatizing the gains and socializing the losses; a bailout and socialism for the rich, the well-connected and Wall Street. And it is a scandal that even Congressional Democrats have fallen for this Treasury scam that does little to resolve the debt burden of millions of distressed home owners.

From Roubini. Emphasis mine.

Take 15 minutes.

All it takes is a phone call - you don’t have to leave your house, your don’t have to pledge allegiance. Push pause on the DVR. Delay the gardening.

This is a representative democracy - if we don’t do anything, then we CANNOT blame our government. We must blame OURSELVES. This country did nothing to stop the invasion of Iraq, whereas around the world huge protests were held. Are we once again going to go quietly into the night?