If this is a liquidity problem, why is the Funds Rate at 2%?

The Effective Fed Funds rate has been trading 50 basis points or more below the 2% target for five straight days now, and for the last two days, it has traded 75 basis points under.” (Don’t take Karl’s word for it, here’s the official data.)

What is Ben Bernanke doing?

Why did WAMU fail on a Thursday instead of a Friday (like the other 6 banks?)

Hank Paulson was the CEO of Goldman Sach’s. Do you think he has the best interests of Main Street or Wall Street in mind?

The Paulson plan, and any plan which forces US taxpayers to pay for the excesses of Wall Street, must be STOPPED.

The real economy will be hurt by the continued investor confidence issue which is exacerbated by government intervention - Fannie, Freddie, AIG, restrictions on short selling… and lack of meaningful legislation aimed at the root of the problem, not symptoms.

Listen to alternatives.

Good ones are not hard to find.

Wall Street should pay for Wall Street’s mess. Not me.